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Meet 5 PUMA Sportswear Ambassadors

Meet 5 PUMA Sportswear Ambassadors

As one of the most respected sportswear brands in the world, PUMA carefully selects the personalities who serve as their brand ambassadors. The PUMA experience is more than just athletic performance; it also embodies a classic style that always stays in fashion thanks in large part to the influence PUMA Ambassadors such as the five below:

Cesc Fabregas

When he was just 10 years old, Cesc knew that he wanted to play professional football. As he developed in his teenage years, he realized that he would not grow to be as tall as some of the better strikers of his day, and thus he focused on his footwork, shooting and passing skills as a midfielder. These days, Fabregas wears EvoPower 1.2 football shoes, which allow him to apply power and accuracy to his touch.

Mario Balotelli

This controversial striker had a chance to become a legend for the English National Football Team when he was still a young immigrant eligible for citizenship. However, Super Mario’s heart was with the calcio in Italy, and he his known as a passionate man with a penchant for following his heart. As a PUMA Ambassador, he embodies passion for performing at the highest level doing something he loves.

Usain Bolt

As the fastest human in the world, Usain is often seen breaking records, making headlines and giving interviews. He enjoys international competitions such as the Olympics just so he can get more medals to take back to his dear home country of Jamaica. Off the track, Usain enjoys wearing the relaxed and fashionable outfits from the PUMA casual wear collection, which reflects his easygoing and affable Caribbean upbringing.


Along with Usain Bolt, musician Rihanna has shown the world that people from the Caribbean are among the nicest and most amazing on Earth. Rihanna is more than just a PUMA Ambassador; she is also the Creative Director, which means that fans of the brand can thank her for making them look good on the pitch, field, track, court, street, lounge, dance floor, etc. Rihanna brings a lot of spirit to the brand, and she is committed to creating new designs that are as crisp and catchy as her music.

Lexi Thompson

The image of golf being a game played by retired men who do not care about being in shape is being shattered by Lexi, a very attractive woman who is equally passionate about golf and fitness. Lexi enjoys wearing PUMA apparel on and off the course because she wants to play her best and look great at the same time.

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